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Do's and Don'ts

Do’s and Dont's for guests

Do note that 'Dogs Welcome' often applies to other pets as well. (Quite a few holidaymakers take caged birds), but cats are only rarely invited.

Do note that 'towels included' can mean a bare minimum of towels You might want to take a couple of fluffy big bath towels of your own.

Do try to arrive at your cottage during daylight - though this can be difficult on a winter break (take a torch!).

Do check that 'suitable for disabled' means just that, and that it doesn't amount to no more than a couple of wide doors and a low sink.

Do own up to breakages. Unreported objects missing or broken can be infuriating.

Don't arrive at your accommodation before the appointed time. Better to arrive an hour or two after that, especially where there are multiple properties: it often happens that there's a queue of cars with engines running at the main entrance to a complex at 2.45 for a 3pm start!

Don't bottle up complaints. Raise any problems with the owner as soon as possible after your arrival.

Do write in the visitors' book, but don't just put 'We had a lovely time'. Make it more interesting. Perhaps recommend good pubs and restaurants you've found.

Don't keep owners talking for too long as they show you in - they will usually have other guests to attend to.

Do’s and Dont's for owners

Don't say in your details 'Short walk to a sandy beach' when it's only sandy at low tide, and the nearest beach for ball games is a 20 minute drive.

Do by all means clean a cottage within an inch of its life, but do leave pepper and salt in the kitchen cupboard.

Do hang pictures by local painters on the walls - guests often like to buy them, not least as souvenirs.

Don't spend a lot of time chatting with guests when they arrive when all they really want is to have a cup of tea and put their feet up.

Do however look in or phone say a couple of hours after they have arrived to check that all is well.

Do, if there's an open fire, and especially if there's a woodburner, explain how it works

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